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Credit Management Specialists

Having over 15 years of experience in the Industry, allows us to confidently say that we can provide you with the Highest level of service regardless to what aspect of Credit Management you require:


  • Pre-emptive Contact

  • Trace & Collect

  • 3 Tier Debt Recovery

  • International Collections

  • Outsourced Litigation

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Pre-emptive Contact

Contacting customers on your behalf as an extension to your current credit control facility. We can present ourselves as an outsourced 3rd party company or as direct employees. This service is great for periods of high volume.

Trace & Collect

Having fully trained internal agents allows us to provide a proactive telephone & field based  service to ensure we are able to deliver an excellent performance in tracing debtors.

We can also follow up on a successful trace by immediately initiating our debt recovery service if required. 

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3 Tier Debt Recovery

Our unique 3 tier process has been designed to provide you with the best possible chance of recovery regardless to the situation.
This system allows us to swiftly take over at any stage of the overdue account and make contact on your behalf.
The robustness of our process means we can be fully bespoke to your needs and gives you the confidence that we are representing you appropriately.

International Collections

Having an extensive network of Credit Management contacts throughout the world allows us to provide you with an International Recovery Services identical to our local recovery service.

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Sometimes disputes are unable to be resolved even at a debt recovery level.
When this occurs the next step is legal action. Should this be required, we have outsourced Solicitor's who are able to provide you with a fully comprehensive litigation service from start to finish.

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tel: 0141 588 8595

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